Beta rider.  Videographer.  Craft beer snob.

Most know me as Faultline20 from YouTube.   I’ve made a few gopro videos in the past few years and recently started a joint venture with the Roostin’Films founder to make some higher quality videos under the brand Full Moto Films.
I was a late starter to this whole dirtbiking addiction,  and having not ridden throughout my twenties I was curious so I bought a $2000 KLX  300 and hit the trails as a clueless newbie.   With that  I crashed my brains out grinning all the way onto a fuel injected WR450 and now onto my much loved and incredibly nimble Beta 350.

I imagine I’ll be on dirtbikes till I’m an old man just to make up for lost time.

My Enduro Stories

November 8, 2015

REVIEW: Dirt Trax Tas tours – a must-do adventure

Having been introduced to dirt bikes only a few years earlier,  and now possessing enough basic skills to muscle my big WR450 through most types of terrain without killing myself,  I was keen to try on a bigger adventure than the usual day rides to local forests.

November 5, 2015

Long weekend ride in Gippsland, Australia. Just perfect.

Years before I’d ever signed up to any of the big dirtbiking forums to find like-minded folk to ride with, I headed away for weekends riding with this group of blokes from Melbourne. Always incredible new trails to ride, and some of the funniest people I’ve ever spent time with.


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